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ecoviva waterproof mats

Waterproof Play Mats

waterproof matsOur exclusive non-toxic/non-allergenic reversible mats are made from 100% reclaimed Polypropylene (plastic). They are not only environmentally friendly and very practical, but 100% waterproof and so easy to clean; simply hose down! EcoViva mats are ideal for children’s play or snack time. Light weight, they fold down for easy storage and transport.

EcoViva mats; so simple yet so versatile; great for the outdoors, beautiful enough for the indoors.

Please contact Jane for current pricing or to place an order

great for indoor or outdoor use


Hands2.7 x 2.7m & 1.8 x 3m

Available in Blue, Green & Blue/Yellow

yarning ocre Blue
yarning orange Green
yarning orange Blue/Yellow


Dreamtime2.7 x 2.7m & 1.8 x 3m

Available in Ochre/Black & Orange/Black

dreamtime ochre Ochre & Black
dreamtime orange Orange & Black

Kids World 2.7 x 2.7m & 1.8 x 1.8m

kidsworldLarge mat seats 24 little bottoms.
Small mat seats 10.


Stars 2.7x2.7m & 1.8x3m

Available in Blue/White & Blue/Black Blue / Black

(Seats 24 little bottoms)

Lilypad2.7 x 2.7m

(Seats 24 little bottoms)

Autumn2.7 x 2.7m

Red / Blue

Stripes2.7 x 2.7m & 1.8 x 3m

Available in Red / Blue Reverse

ABC Tree2.7 x 2.7m


Leaf1.8 x 3m, 1.8 x 1.8m(green also available in 2.7x2.7m)

Available in Red / Blue


Islander 1.8 x 1.8m & 1.8 x 3m (black 1.8x1.8m and blue 1.8x3m)

Available in Blue & Black

  • Green
  • Black
Red / White

Stripes 1.8 x 3m(red/white also available in 1.8x1.8m)

Available in Red, Yellow/Cream, Black & Brown/Cream


Leaf Border1.8 x 3m & 1.8 x 1.8m(blue & green also available in 2.7 x 2.7m)

Available in Blue & Green

Children Come First 1.8 x 3m

Triangles 1.8 x 1.8m & 1.8 x 3m

Half Moon 1.8 x 1.8m & 1.8 x 3m

Moroccan 1.8 x 3m

Chevron 1.8 x 3m

Mandala 2.7 x 2.7m