waterproof cushions

Our Centre purchased a set of 3 EcoViva waterproof cushions. Their size, bright colours and the convenience of being able to give them a wipe over after use has made them to be a great resource for all age groups. The cushions are being utilized each day both for inside and outside play. Because they have proven to be so useful and affordable we have ordered another set.

Jeanette, Tilbrook Childcare

Hi there Jane,

We absolutely LOVE our new pillows!!

Thanks a million!

Best Wishes,

Nancy Maruca,
Rainbows & Smiles

Hi there Jane

Thanks so much the cushions have arrived safely. They are magnificent!

Thank you

Victoria Crane,

Cosy Cottage Creche

Hi Jane, Our cushions arrived today, how exciting! We just love them and the children had the best time outside today with them making beds etc on such a glorious sunny day.


Beacon Point Preschool