about us

jane owner of ecoviva

EcoViva is an Australian based company inspired by Jane Aufderheide. Her focus is to combine a love of style & fun with child safety & functionality at the heart of it all.

Influenced by her loyal childcare customers and four children of her own (Charli, Bella, Zara and Max); Jane’s aim is to take a whimsical & cost effective approach to bringing safe & practical products to life, for children Australia Wide to enjoy.

The journey began with EcoViva’s non-toxic, waterproof play mats which have made an impressionable mark in playgrounds across the country. With the introduction of gorgeous soft fall mats and waterproof cushions, the EcoViva product range continues to grow.

Environmental ideals govern education today and wherever possible EcoViva supports this message with sustainable products, processes and practices.

EcoViva brings fun, colour and excitement to any environment where children learn and play.